Fruit and herbal teas

Fruit and herbal teas


Fruit teas


Fruit teas do not contain any coffein, can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and are also suited for children. Here you can find our delicious mixtures of fruits, berries, rose hip and refined flowers, all packed in the pyrided tea bags, to 3 - 4g each.

Herbal teas


Herbal teas consist of aromatic spices and / or spicy herbs. In our blends you will find a wide variety of aromatic flavors, from the light sharpness of the ginger to the spicy aroma of lemongrass, the fruity taste of carefully dried orange blossoms or the freshness of the peppermint. This is cultivated in many European countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany, but also in North Africa. Another very popular plant species is the chamomile. We use exclusively European chamomile, which gives the infused drinks a gentle and flowery aroma.

Our herbal teas are purifying, revitalising, aid digestion and are palatable.

Perfect for everyone, at any time.