Rooibos (red bush) is an approximately one meter high shrub, with its origin from the region around Cape town, South Africa. An evergreen, botanically speaking it belongs to the family of the legumes, of which needle-shaped leaves are used.

Rooibos is the national beverage of South Africa, due to its healthy ingredients and properties: It has an exquisite taste, contains no theine (caffein), but high numbers of minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, natrium, zinc and flourine) and vitamines (including vitamine C).

Furthermore, it can lower fever and has an antispasmodic effect against stomache aches.


Flavoured Rooibos


We offer different aromatised rooibos. Besides being extremely delicious, they are all very healthy and can be enjoyed by young and old at any hour of the day.