Black tea

Black teas


The difference between black and green tea is the procedure which the leaves undergo. After the harvest and the maceration, the leaves are then dried, rolled and pulled. This porceedure allows the tea to oxidise, a chemical reaction that does not happen during the production for green tea. 



Classic black teas


Its effect is stimulating.

Not only is tea tasteful, but it is also a very healthy beverage. A number of analyses underaken by scientists in the last years have showen the beneficial effects to the human body attributable to black and green tea.

Flavoured black teas


Every tea composition of the flavoured black teas is a taste experience. Blends like popular Ceylon Frutti di Bosco or new creative creations like our Energy: all excite the same way.

The flavour of black tea goes very well with the fruity aroma. Selected ingredients , such as scented flowers or aromatic leaves, give our tea creations an exceptional flavor. Try out our  Earl Grey: scented with bergamot oil, it is a classic amongst the flavoured teas!

Decaffeinated black teas


Our decaffinated tea is especially suited for people that have problems with the consumption of caffein. It keeps its full flavour and aroma.