Giappone Sencha Fukujyu

Giappone Sencha Fukujyu


Ingredients: Green tea Sencha Fukujyu

Country of origin: Japan

Taste: Cultivated on the slopes of Fujiyama volcano, with its intense flavour, this tea is ideal for tea lovers of the stronger green teas. The leaves are slightly dampened during production. At the end of the process they shine in a bright green, tending to olive

Contents: min. 3g/pyramid bag

80°/2-4 min

 Suited for vegans and vegetarians

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Green Tea Giappone Sencha Fukujyu

20 pyramid tea bags, individually wrapped

14.50 *

Giappone Sencha Fukuyju

40 pyramid tea bags, individually wrapped

25.80 *

Giappone Sencha Fukuyju

60 pyramid tea bags, individually wrapped

38.80 *
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