Rooibos Mela Cannella

Rooibos Mela Cannella


Ingredients: Rooibos, apple pieces, cinnamon, almonds, vanilla, natural flavor

Country of origin: South Africa

Taste: A drink with a fresh taste. Ideal to restore the harmony of the body after a hard time, thanks to a generous addition of cinnamon

Content: min. 3g/pyramid tea bag

90-100°/5-6 min

 Suited for vegans and vegetarians

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Rooibos Mela Cannella

20 piramid tea bags, individually wrapped

12.80 € *

Rooibos Mela Cannella

40 piramid tea bags, individually wrapped

24.20 € *

Rooibos Mela Cannella

60 piramid tea bags, individually wrapped

34.80 € *
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